Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Free Fonts to Personalise Your Marketing Tools

I recently came across a fantastic site, dafont.com, that lets you download hundreds of fonts and dingbats for free! I thought this could be a useful tool for those of you designing your website or business cards as the font you pick is such an important decision when branding your marketing materials.

The simplest way to tie your website, business cards and other marketing materials together is by using the same font through out so why not download an interesting font that stands out from the crowd and makes your cards a little more memorable.

So here is what you need to do…

1. Find a font to download by searching through the themed categories on dafont.com.

2. Click the ‘DOWNLOAD PC / MAC OS X’ button to the right.

3. Save the file to your desktop.

4. The files will be in a compressed folder so you need click 'Extract All Files'

5. It will give you an option to choose where the files are extracted to so send them too
C:\Windows\Fonts (if this doesn’t work try C:\WINNT\Fonts)

6. Now if you open a programme such as Word or Photoshop the font should be available for you to use.

Although there are lots of cool fonts for download be careful that the font you choose is still easy to read. It is so important that any information relating to your business, particularly contact information, is communicated in a clear, concise, easy to read format!

Another fun website for those who are interested in creating their own font is kevinandamanda.com so check them out too.

Be sure to check the 'Read Me' file that is downloaded with each font from dafont.com to check there are no restrictions on the use of the font you want to use!


  1. thank you for always posting up cool stuff!!! Im actually starting to get into becoming a make up artist and I swear you help a lot! very informative!

  2. thanks, makes it all seem worth while when I get great feedback like that! good luck with your career :)