Thursday, 21 May 2009

The 3/50 Project

I have come across the 3/50 project on a few blogs recently and thought it was such a fab concept that I must spread the word and share it with my readers too.

Although the 3/50 project, which suggests you take $50 a month a spend it in three local, independent stores, is obviously geared towards helping businesses in America there is no reason why we cant all think a little more about where we spend our pennies and support independent retailers when we can. Read on to find out how the project works....

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tried and Tested: Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation

I am a big fan of the Make Up For Ever line of cosmetics and not just because of their generous backstage card discount! Their Face and Body foundation is definitely a 'go to' product for me as I use it on just about every shoot I work on.

Make Up For Ever are one of the few lines to carry such a wide range of colours. With a selection of about 4 - 6 shades in your kit from the lightest to the darkest you shouldn't have a problem mixing a base to match anyone that sits in your chair.

The MUFE F&B base probably wont be favoured by those artists that like to work with products that give medium to heavy coverage even though it is buildable but it suits my way of working and is a kit staple and pro favourite for many.

Rather than covering up the skin I prefer to work with a lighter weight foundation that enhances the natural beauty of the model by just evening out the skin tone which Face and Body is perfect for. Even if I am working with someone with a blemish or two I prefer to use the MUFE F&B and just conceal with a cover up where needed.

The MUFE F&B has an unusual texture straight from the bottle as it is comes in a gel, emulsion formula which needs to be really shaken up to get the silky texture you need for a flawless application. After shaking well I find I get a nice finish by applying the F&B with a regular flat foundation brush roughly all over the face and I follow that by buffing it into the skin with circular motions using a dual fibre brush. You get a subtle dewy finish with this product which I like to combine with a dual finish powder to matt the t-zone and give slightly more coverage in that area.

As the product is transfer resistant and waterproof it is perfect for use on the body in all kinds of situations. I find it works wonders for evening out tan lines! You just need to wait for it to dry and remove any excess product with a tissue before dressing the model.

Although the face and body foundation does only give a light buildable coverage it photographs beautifully which is why I rarely feel the need to reach for another base. The moisturising properties make this foundation very forgiving on those with dry skin and I find it to be a real hit with brides. The natural looking dewy finish is silky to the touch and leaves skin feeling like it can breath which is prefect for bridal, particularly if you work with those who wear little or no makeup day to day.

You can see 4 examples where I have used Make Up For Ever Face and Body by looking at the first page of my website. Click here...

As you can tell I can do little but rave about this product although I would love to hear your thoughts good and bad so please leave a comment if you have something to share.
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Monday, 18 May 2009

A Classic Hollywood Make Over in 8 Steps

Sorry I have been MIA on the blog the past couple of weeks but I'm back and I wanted to kick start the week by sharing with you a guest post I wrote for the lovely blogger Laƫtitia Wajnapel over on Mademoiselle Robot.

Over on Mademoiselle Robot I have posted 8 simple steps to help you achieve this classic Hollywood look with some tips thrown in for good measure.

The glamorous makeup looks of classic Hollywood stars have recently made a come back and are a real hit on the red carpet. When I was asked to write a guest post for Mademoiselle Robot I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some of my tips for recreating the versatile vintage makeup look favoured by stars such as January Jones, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kate Winslet. Click here to continue reading and find out how you can get the classic Hollywood look....

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Long Lasting Makeup

I mentioned on Thursday the importance of using makeup for longevity when working with brides and thought I would elaborate by sharing some tips on getting makeup to last.

Preparation is key
By prepping the skin correctly you can increase the life of your makeup application and keep your bride happy all day.

  • Give moisturiser time to be absorbed into the skin so you have a good canvas to work from and your makeup wont slide off.

  • Using a good primer will prep the skin for foundation and should increase the longevity of your makeup.

  • An eye primer will not only give your eyeshadow more staying power and stop creasing but the shadow should appear brighter and true to the colour in the pot as well.

Setting the makeup
Setting the makeup with a good translucent powder that doesn't change the texture or colour of your foundation is probably the most important step to extent the life of your makeup application.

When applying foundation and powder don't cake makeup on or think you need more coverage because the makeup has to last. A light application will last longer and look more fresh throughout the day. Using a powder puff with some loose translucent powder, press and roll the puff to set the makeup and reduce shine paying attention to the t-zone. Dust off any excess with a powder brush.

Long lasting lip colour
There are several techniques for getting the most out of your lip colour so here are a few you can try.

  • Use a clear lip liner to create a barrier to stop lip colour from bleeding.

  • Try filling in the lips with a matching lip pencil before applying lipstick to extend the wear.

  • Apply lipstick, blot and reapply to give the lip colour more staying power.

  • Use a lip stain to colour the lips and add a coat of lip gloss over the top to add shine.

You don't want a teary moment to ruin the makeup for the rest of the day so make sure the products you use around the eyes are not going to budge with a few tears. Carry a good waterproof mascara and switch kohl pencil for gel, cream and waterproof liquid liners.

I hope you found these tips useful as they not only apply to bridal makeup but any makeup job that requires the makeup to last for long periods of time.

If you have any secrets for getting makeup to stay put share them with us in the comments section.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Revlon False Lash Giveaway Winners!

Drum roll please!!!! Its time to announce the 2 winners of the Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes competition..................

Thank you for your entries girls, I really enjoyed reading all the comments left and hope you will both enjoy playing around with your loot! Please email me your addresses and I will pop your winnings in the post.

I have a competition coming soon for all my international readers who couldn't enter this time so watch this space!

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