Monday, 23 March 2009

Blogs to Bookmark: Design Is Mine

A good artist of any medium takes inspiration from everything they see, feel and touch around them even if they are not conscious of it all the time.

Design Is Mine, often gets the creative juices flowing for me, particularly with Summer Allen-Gibson's '10 pictures of inspiration' posts. The Props, colours, locations and even the mood of the images she showcases often spark an idea in me even if its not a fashion or beauty related post.

Creatives soak up ideas, thoughts and feelings associated with images all the time and often its more productive to be inspired by a piece of art that has nothing to do with makeup or fashion.

I'm sure we have all seen a photo or editorial that literally stops you in your tracks. You cant stop thinking about that image and you feel inspired to do something similar but recreating a particular look whilst still putting your own spin on it can be hard when what you really wish is that you had thought of it first!

By looking at other creative fields you can often come up with something more original because you are not trying to better an existing image of the same style or have any pre-conceived ideas about what the makeup should look like.

I have been wanting to do a shoot with a bike since forever and when I saw Summer's post. 'ten images of inspiration : i want to ride my bicycle' it made me want to follow it through and get planning. Here is a sample of Summer's post but please click the link to see the whole post.

ten images of inspiration : i want to ride my bicycle.
What is it that is so endearing about photographs of cute people with bicycles? I don't know why I love them so much, but I really, really do.

Let me know which sites you visit to get the creative juices flowing and leave a comment!

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Picture Sources: Olivia Bee, Gemma Booth, (via Design Is Mine)


  1. great post! i am often inspired by art and think it's a great way to come up with unique concepts. thanks for sharing.

  2. Great entry :)

    I think people love photographs with bicycles in them because it reminds them of their childhood. It gives the image a very carefree, liberating mood, reminding you of times when you had no worries or stress.

    I also agree with struggling to create after being inspired by a certain look/image. It's hard to stay away from creating the same thing, but also changing it too much and then not having the same effect. I'm an artist and I find the same thing happens when it comes to drawing.

  3. Good observation Janett I think you are right about the link with your childhood.

    Thankyou both for your input! :)