Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Building a Makeup Kit: Part 2

Here is part 2 in the Building a Makeup Kit mini-series which this time focuses on products for the eyes.

This post should give you an idea about what is needed for your kit when starting out and I have included products suggestions which are all items I would pick if I was building my kit from scratch. Again, as in part 1, I have selected these products because I feel they offer value for money, quality and performance.

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Eye Shadow
If there was one thing I wish I had know about when investing in those first few pieces for my kit it would be Yaby. I wont rave on too much about the brand here because I guess that's a whole other post but everything about the brand to me is ingenious.

Eye shadows are one product you could pretty much go on collecting for ever with all the different colours and finishes out there but if I was starting over I would firstly put my money in to Yaby shadows. The Yaby palettes which are 14.4cm x 10.8cm include 40 colours which are about the size of a 5 pence piece (or a dime i think?). I get the impression that some people are put off by the size at first but that's the best thing about these palettes. A little also goes along way as the shadows are very pigmented so there is no need for larger pans and you can carry a wide selection of colours without taking up space in your kit.

At the current exchange rate 1 of these palettes of 40 colours is aprox £60. That is the equivalent of 6 MAC shadows. Not bad huh?

Yaby $110 - Dramatically Neutral
Yaby $120 - Best of Both Worlds

Ideally you could get both palettes but I know that's not always the case so if I had to chose between the two I would get the Best of Both Worlds and add these 3 quads from Revlon for a good selection of neutrals.

These 3 quads from Revlon are a great for bridal, natural makeup looks and smokey brown eyes. I cant give these up as they are really useful flattering colours on just about everyone, plus the price is excellent value (usually on 3 for 2 at Boots) so I would definitely recommend you add these to your kit especially if you are building a kit on a tight budget.

Revlon Colour Stay 12 Hour Eye shadow Quads £7.82 each - 03 Natural Khakis, 06 In The Buff, 12 Price Less Metals

If you are using cheap shadows that are not very pigmented and you want to keep them in your kit try using a Primer such as Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion £9.30 to get good intensity of colour and make sure it stays put.

Brows are such an important feature and should not be overlooked. Neat groomed brows will add polish to your work and complete the look by framing the face.

I have these neutral eye shadows in a separate quad palette which I use for brows. They are great for filling in brows whilst still looking natural and the colours can easily be layered to get a good match for your client.

MAC Eye Shadows £9.79 each - Brule, Symmetry, Charcoal Brown, Carbon

Hairspray or Gel on a clean mascara wand can be used instead of a brow gel to groom brows on a budget.

Eye Liner
You will probably find black the most useful liner to have in your kit when starting out. You can use eyeshadow with an angled brush if you need another colour such as brown or grey for a soft liner or mix in a sealer (ScreenFace £4.40) or transforming gel with any colour shadow to create a liquid eyeliner.

MAC Fluid Line £10.77 - Blacktrack (long lasting, smudge proof precise lines)
MAC Kohl Pencil £10.77 - Smoulder (soft, smudgy, smokey lines)

I think that many of the more expensive mascaras on the market perform well because of the wand used to apply it. When starting out find an inexpensive mascara that works well when using disposables. I also think its good to have a couple of pairs of strip lashes in your kit, one natural pair to add length and one more glamorous fuller pair should be a good start.

Maybelline Volume Express £4.88 - Black, Black Waterproof
Eylure Naturalite False Lashes - 101, 070
Duo £9.74 - Surgical Adhesive

Your Duo Surgical Adhesive can also be used to stick pretty much anything to the face and body.

All prices were correct at the time this was posted and do not include any pro discount that may be available to you.

If any other artists reading this have product suggestions for the eye area please feel free to share them with us and leave a comment.

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  1. I love this post, as well as #1.
    Great tips.
    I have 2 Armani Luminous Silk foundation shades - #4 and #5 and I mix them together to get my perfect shade. #4 is perfect for winter. #5 perfect for summer. And sometimes, I'm somewhere in between!

    Love your blog!

  2. loving this blog by the way!! i think it's the bee's knees :)

    and super helpful since i'm a complete newbie, ha.

    i have been eyeing yaby's eyeshadow palettes. i bought a palette of 40 colors from another company at IMATS and am wondering if that should suffice for now or if i should still invest in a yaby best of both worlds palette. not sure if you know the one i am referring to...it is in a black case. they seem to pop up at trade shows...

  3. Thanks Maddy, I have heard amazing things about the Armani Face Fabric too which I have been meaning to try out.

    Jenn, Im glad your enjoying the blog!

    The important thing is that you have products that work for you. If the palette you have right now is doing the job then thats great, no need to rush out an buy the Yaby just yet ;)

    Have you tried your palette out on a test shoot yet? You may find a primer helps, as I mentioned in the post, if the colours are not very pigmented.

  4. I tried it out once (I'm uber newb so I haven't really been testing since then...the previous FT job got in the way hehe), am an hoping to try some more. I want to say it had a medium amount of pigment. I'll definitely take your advice about the primer.

    I splurged at The Makeup Show LA and got a 10 palette of MUFE eyeshadows but the tempting thing about Yaby is that there's 40 all in one little box. But yes, I'll give the main one I have now a go first before I invest in another.

    I'm just really excited about Yaby and am trying to justify what my first purchase towards my kit should be, hehe.

    Oh, the art of restraint :).