Monday, 9 March 2009

Top 10 Blogs To Bookmark

You may have noticed the top ten blogs to bookmark list pop up on my side bar last week so I thought I would let you know what these blogs are all about...

Calestine makeup artist Amy Chance shares her makeup obsessions and the work she does for high profile clients and magazines through her blog The Amy Face.

Jennine Tamm, founder of the Independent Fashion Bloggers, posts stylish self portraits on The Coveted to accompany her personal style posts as well as covering a wide variety of topics centred around style, beauty and fashion culture with contributors Sonja and Kezia.

Examples of fashion photography at its best are compiled on deMode to create an excellent resource for inspiration and research.

Kit Lee's blog The Fashion Assistant and Her Camera illustrates the fashion world through her behind the scenes pictures taken while working as a fashion stylists assistant.

Get your Parisian street style fix with Garance Dore. Beautiful fashion illustrations and street style photographs are showcased along side her well written personal thoughts on style, dressing and fashion trends.

Follow the trials and tribulations of Jessica Jean Myers, a Canadian makeup artist living and working in Shanghai.

Spoiled Pretty is the beauty bloggings of Daneen, who not only reviews makeup, skincare and beauty products but also gets to go behind the scenes to bring her readers interviews, trends and tips.

For those who err on the side of caution when it comes to fashion, live vicariously through fashion forward Susie Bubble. Amongst posts on designers, trends and anything that catches her eye Susie documents her amazing and sometimes outlandish outfits on her blog Style Bubble.

Follow the work of New York based pro, Lottie Stannard, through her blog Superfluous Lotstar.

The We Love Beauty blog has makeup artist profiles and interviews, how to's, tips and tricks and insider secrets from the likes of Billy B and Paul Starr all rolled into one.

I would love to know which blogs get your stamp of approval so let me know what you have bookmarked by leaving a comment. (please don't post your own blog!)


  1. Wow...I'm flattered and shocked all at the same time. Now I need to get more exciting then I've been these past few wks to live up to the honour.

    Thank you very much!

  2. I also follow Lottie, Amy, Kit, Jessica, and Susy.

    In addition to those I also follow these makeup artists:

    1. Victoria Stiles -

    That's her most recent blog. To view her old blogs, go to:

    2. Sophie Richardoz -

    3. Samantha Chapman -

    4. Kathy Aragon - (personal blog)

    Those are just a few that come to mind. Others don't really update as much. :)

  3. You welcome Jessica!

    Janett, I love Kathy, Sam, and Sophie's blogs too plus I found Victoria on twitter a couple of days ago so we both must be on the same wave length :D

  4. awwww Thank you Alex, I'm sooo flattered to be in your top 10. :)

  5. Alex, the reason we both read the same blogs is because I'm at Model Mayhem too. My account isn't active and I'm reserving it for now, so I mostly just read the forum. :)

    Also, I just noticed you joined Sam's forum. Yay! :P

  6. Thanks for the link luv, Alex!

  7. Ahh yes I am on MM Jannett! I am so glad I found blogging as a new way of communicating with other mua's and beauty fanatics because the forum there was starting to drive me nuts lol

    No problem Daneen x