Tuesday, 21 April 2009

7 Do's and Don'ts for Networking Online

It is so easy to connect with other makeup artists, photographers, stylists, models and hairstylists now there are so many online networking sites you can join. Although networking online can be fun its important to still treat your online profiles as a marketing tool and keep some professionalism if you are using a profile to help grow your makeup business. I should also point out that an online networking profile is never an alternative to having your own website!

I think it really helps to concentrate your efforts on 1 or 2 sites and build your presence before joining yet another networking site. Networking online works best when you take the time to be an active member of the communities you join so I think it is important not to spread yourself too thin and build up the number of networks you contribute to slowly if you want to see results from online networking.

Here are some do's and don'ts that will help you if you are setting up a makeup profile on a networking site.

Do - Keep in mind your goals for being on the site and focus your networking to achieve those goals.

Don't - Set up so many different profiles that you don't have the time or energy to keep them all up to date.

Do - Be an active member of the networking sites you sign up to. This means spending 15mins or more a day to comment on other members work, contribute to forums and replying to those that have reached out to you. This all helps to get your name out there and builds your profile.

Don't - Turn your bio into an essay. Keep it short and sweet but make sure you get across who you are, what you do, why your on the site, how you can help the person reading your profile and how you can be contacted. That's it. Many networking sites are quite informal so you can be relaxed and light hearted with your bio but keep a professional element to it as you never know who's reading.

Do - Keep your profile positive. I see so many profiles that focus on what the person doesn't do, doesn't like and doesn't want to be involved with that you come away with a negative impression. No one wants to surround themselves with negative people so try to come across as someone others would enjoy working with.

Don't - Use a cute name for your profile always try and use your real name so people associate your work with you and nothing else.

Do - Edit your work in the same way you would edit your book, quantity doesn't equal quality.

Model Mayhem, Who Is Testing, Iqons, Dripbook, Facebook, Myspace, Net-Model, Purestorm and Twitter are all networking sites you can join but I would love to hear if you use any other sites for networking and which sites are working for you so please let us know where you are networking by leaving a comment.

I would also love to hear your tips so please share your do's and don'ts for networking online in the comments sections.


  1. this is such a great post i love it! and you are so right about the things like the bio, cute name, and keeping positive, all important stuff.

  2. Thanks Jennine, glad you like the post and that you agree with some of the points I raised :)