Thursday, 9 April 2009

Top 10 Pro Discount Schemes

As you can probably tell from the Building Your Makeup Kit posts, putting together a pro kit is a huge investment so its good to know that there are some really great companies out there supporting makeup artists by offering Pro Discount schemes.

Pro Discount
Here are 10 pro discount schemes that UK makeup artists can apply for.
(many are open to international readers too!)

1. Make Up For Ever Backstage Card - 35% Discount (contact PAM to apply)
2. Yaby Cosmetics Industry Discount Scheme - 20% Discount.
3. Bobbi Brown - Discount available via Selfridges London, Trafford Park and Exchange Square.
4. Aveda Creative Connections Programme - 35% Discount.
5. Louise Young Cosmetics - 25% Discount.
6. Dermalogica Insider Programme - 30% Discount.
7. Face Atelier Preferred Pro Programme - £40% Discount.
8. Camera Ready Cosmetics - Include your website when opening a new account to be approved as a pro and receive selected products at a discount.
9. Temptu Pro Artist Programme - Up to 30% Discount.
10. OCC Cosmetics - 20% Discount on cosmetics.

Many of these companies also run editorial credit programmes so if you're getting published don't forget to enquire about editorial schemes too!

Pro ID
When applying for discount you should expect to be asked to prove you are a working artist. In fact whenever I email a brand asking if they offer discount to pros I attach a call sheet and my union card before being asked to show I have a legit enquiry.

I know getting together proof your an artist can be tricky when your starting out (even though you probably feel you are most in need of a discount!) however it is possible to prove you are a makeup artist even if you're new to the industry.

Here are some items you can use to prove your credentials including tips of where to get proof as a new artist. You would usually need to provide 2 types of ID.

Business Cards/Comp Card - If you don't already have business cards you can get simple inexpensive cards online.

Tear Sheet - Supply a copy of an editorial page that has your name printed in the credits.

Call Sheet - A call sheet provides information such as your call time and location, listing everyone involved in the shoot, their contact details and department they are working with. Call sheets are also used in film and TV so working on a low budget short film can be a good way to get your hands on this item of industry proof when your a newbie.

Union Card - You can join BECTU (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematography and Theater Union) for as little as £10 a month which gives you entitlement to a whole range of benefits and your union card can be used to prove you are a pro artist. This is great if you are a new artist with no tear/call sheets under your belt.

Website - Several brands now accept a website as proof you are a pro as it shows you are more that just a hobbyist and are serious about your career. I have said before that a website is a must in this day and age for any artist especially now there are so many inexpensive ways to set up and maintain your own site. Now you have another excellent reason to set up a web page even if its still early in your career.

Programme/Press Material - If you don't have your name in print yet try volunteering at your local amateur dramatics society and get your name printed in the shows programme crediting you for makeup.

Letter of Reference stating employment on business or agency headed paper - In some cases you can get someone to write you a letter of reference. This might apply if you work in a makeover studio for example.

If you would like to share other pro schemes or your tips for getting pro id together please post in the comments section. If your posting from outside the UK please state which country you are getting the discount in so there is no confusion. Thanks

This information was correct to my knowledge at the time this was posted but is subject to change at any time!


  1. Gosh I wish you knew just how helpful this post was to me. Thank you. Seriously, you should keep blogging. You're helping those of us a little further behind. Very much appreciated.

  2. Illamasqua do 40% trade discount in the uk at their stand alone stores (not counters) all u do is apply via their website and give 2 forms of proof u r a make up artist i used my cv and call sheet

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