Thursday, 30 April 2009

Makeup For Brides

I love doing makeup for brides and as it is often referred to as many artists ‘bread and butter’ I thought I would give you some points to think about if you are interested in getting into this area of makeup.

Use products for longevity – The makeup needs to go from day to night and continue to look flawless for hours so be sure to use products that are going to last.

Give basic skin care advice – Lots of people don’t know the importance of good skin care so be prepared to reiterate that looking after their skin in the run up to the big day will help them achieve the glowing radiant look just about every bride is looking for. If you have a good canvas to work from your job will be much easier on the wedding day too.

Don’t forget the rest of the body – Remember pictures will be taken by guests from every angel so check the makeup from all angles and be sure to conceal any blemishes on the chest or back if the dress shows some skin. Some body lotion and hand cream will bring the skin to life and make the bride feel even more pampered on the day.

Be confident – You don’t want to be pushy but having a confidence about you will put your clients at ease and give them confidence in you and your skills making them more open to your ideas and opinions. Your bride will also be more relaxed if you look like you know what you’re doing.

The trial – The consultation before the wedding is really important so make sure you never skip the trial. Meeting the bride before the day gives you both a chance to decide on the look so the wedding day runs smoothly and most importantly you can be sure that none of the products you use cause a reaction. If any irritation occurs it will have time to calm down.

Keep a book of tears – It is good to have a small book of makeup looks that you can go through with those brides that don’t have any pictures for you to use as a starting point. One bride’s idea of a natural look can be extremely different to the next so it is important to make sure you are both on the same page from the start.

Touch up kits – If a touch up kit is not included in the makeup package you should talk the bride through products that can be purchased to maintain their look, such as a powder compact for shine control.

You need to be good at gentle persuasion – You should never be pushy when working with private clients such as brides and always remember that at the end of the day they are paying you to give them the look they want. The bride owns their look and should always feel comfortable in their own skin. Never try to force a look you think is best on someone but a good artist should try to steer them into making the right choices and to try new things.

Don’t cheapen your skills – Google bridal makeup artists in your area, set your prices in line with those in your market and stick to them.

This is probably the most important day of your brides life so its your job to be a calming influence and get the job done to the best of your ability and with as little fuss as possible. Having their make done on the big day should be a fun relaxing experience.

Leave your thoughts on bridal makeup and dealing with brides in the comments section!


  1. Thank you for the great tips. I am constantly on the look out for new bridal tears. And I never though to include a touch-up kit. Other than powder and lipstick what else would be good to include?

  2. Blotting papers are good especially for oily skin but powder and lipstick are really all you need as the bride wont want to be bogged down with products and shouldnt need to touch the rest of the makeup anyway.

    If I do false lashes I use my Duo to apply so I alwasy give them the little tube of glue that comes with the lashes to keep.

  3. thanks for the advice. would you give them loose powder, or pressed? and what brand would you buy? i was also wondering how much you would charge if you did include the lipstick (Mac) and powder. Thanks!