Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tried and Tested: Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation

I am a big fan of the Make Up For Ever line of cosmetics and not just because of their generous backstage card discount! Their Face and Body foundation is definitely a 'go to' product for me as I use it on just about every shoot I work on.

Make Up For Ever are one of the few lines to carry such a wide range of colours. With a selection of about 4 - 6 shades in your kit from the lightest to the darkest you shouldn't have a problem mixing a base to match anyone that sits in your chair.

The MUFE F&B base probably wont be favoured by those artists that like to work with products that give medium to heavy coverage even though it is buildable but it suits my way of working and is a kit staple and pro favourite for many.

Rather than covering up the skin I prefer to work with a lighter weight foundation that enhances the natural beauty of the model by just evening out the skin tone which Face and Body is perfect for. Even if I am working with someone with a blemish or two I prefer to use the MUFE F&B and just conceal with a cover up where needed.

The MUFE F&B has an unusual texture straight from the bottle as it is comes in a gel, emulsion formula which needs to be really shaken up to get the silky texture you need for a flawless application. After shaking well I find I get a nice finish by applying the F&B with a regular flat foundation brush roughly all over the face and I follow that by buffing it into the skin with circular motions using a dual fibre brush. You get a subtle dewy finish with this product which I like to combine with a dual finish powder to matt the t-zone and give slightly more coverage in that area.

As the product is transfer resistant and waterproof it is perfect for use on the body in all kinds of situations. I find it works wonders for evening out tan lines! You just need to wait for it to dry and remove any excess product with a tissue before dressing the model.

Although the face and body foundation does only give a light buildable coverage it photographs beautifully which is why I rarely feel the need to reach for another base. The moisturising properties make this foundation very forgiving on those with dry skin and I find it to be a real hit with brides. The natural looking dewy finish is silky to the touch and leaves skin feeling like it can breath which is prefect for bridal, particularly if you work with those who wear little or no makeup day to day.

You can see 4 examples where I have used Make Up For Ever Face and Body by looking at the first page of my website. Click here...

As you can tell I can do little but rave about this product although I would love to hear your thoughts good and bad so please leave a comment if you have something to share.
picture source: makeupforever.com/alexcollinsonline.com


  1. Very informative blog! I enjoy your posts and can't wait for the next~

  2. Thanks for your comment Sarah I have actually been following your Haute Design blog too which I love ;)

  3. I would love to know your input on which 4-6 are best to cover a wide range. I've started replacing foundations in my kit with this, but it would be great to know what your opinion is of the simplest way to accomplish a wide range of matches.

  4. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described

  5. Every time I have used MUFE for some reason it likes to stick into areas and look dry in spots I don't want it to (yes I do use a primer, usually Smashbox photo primer). Recently I tried the Clinique Even Better make up. It comes in fewer shades but almost has a "filler" type of feel where everything goes on smoothly. Anyone had this prob with MUFE? I want to like them too.