Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Go Green With Refillable Makeup Palletes

I am big on condensing my kit and love to palletise my makeup to cut down on space and weight but I had never thought that using my refillable pallets was also helping the environment. That was until I came across the Aveda makeup line.

Aveda promote the use of their refillable compacts to "encourage reuse and reduce waste" rather than as a space savers for pros. Most of their makeup products are available to buy in pan form without the compact and they use recycled materials in the packaging they do use. For the environmentally responsible shopper Aveda also have a reusable lipstick tube that can be refilled with their lipsticks. This isn't something for the pros but is a great idea for personal use and something I haven't come across with any other brand.

With this in mind I thought I would share with you some other companies that sell pallets and offer products in the pan only.

Yaby are leading the way for palletised makeup kits with a wide range of sleek pallets that include a stainless steel area for mixing and all makeup products are sold in pans with minimal packaging. For those of you that want to mix and match brands get yourself the Freestyle Palette which has a magnetic base and no dividers so you can fill it with all your favourites regardless of shape and size.

La Femme
Blush, Eye Shadow and 12 Well Palettes are available. The blushes are excellent and good value too!

Nixie have pan only Eyeshadow, Powder and Cream Blush, Powder and Cream Foundation, Powder and a 6 Well Pallet. Nixie get top marks for offering such a wide range of products in pan only form but I would love them to have more pallet size options.

Palettes, Eyeshadow, Sculpting and Shaping Powders, Powder and Cream Blush are available in pan only form. You will need to purchase from a Pro Store or online with a Pro Card. Although MAC have a good range of pan only products I am disappointed that more of the powder and cream based face products are not available without the compacts as they are so bulky. It is also a shame they are only available at the pro stores.

Blush, Dual Finish Foundation, Eyeshadow and Palettes are available for refilling palettes. Graftobian's Dual Finish Foundation palette is top of my wish list at the moment.

Many of the products mentioned can be purchased at Camera Ready Cosmetics who ship internationally.

Aveda really opened my eyes to the waste and unnecessary packaging that we come to expect with makeup and that more companies should be thinking outside the box and offering their products without the packaging.

Do you think this idea could catch on?? Let me know what you think of palletising your makeup.

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  1. Oooohh great post! I'm obsessed w/ condensing my kit!

  2. Thanks! Im obsessed with down sizing too. Now we can by more Yaby because were saving the planet too :D