Thursday, 26 February 2009

Caught on Camera! - Backstage at London Fashion Week A/W09

Anyone who has been to any kind of fashion event will know that there are cameras everywhere, especially backstage. You are constantly being filmed or or snapped as photographers try to capture the models transformation but I never know where these pictures end up, if anywhere.

Well I finally found out today where some of these snaps end up....on Kit Lee's blog, The Fashion Assistant and Her Camera. I started following Kit's fashion and photography blog only a few weeks ago so you can image how surprised I was to find a picture of lil' old me doing makeup at the James Long show included in her post on the MAN showcase at LFW!

Yep thats me doing a spot of male grooming at the James Long show ;)

It funny too because I thought I recognised Kit at the show but I'm usually soooo bad at putting faces to names that I didn't like to introduce myself in case it wasn't her. I am also gutted that I didn't spot my all time favourite blogger Susie Bubble(right) who Kit(left) also snapped backstage, but I guess that proves I was hard at work!

Pictures courtesy of Kit Lee @ The Fashion Assistant and Her Camera/Style Slicker


  1. that's fantastic. what were you doing with that guys hands?

  2. lol, I was just covering up some scrapes and bruises the guy had on his hands.

    One models hands were really white compared to the rest of him becuase he used to do BMXing