Friday, 20 February 2009

Makeup Brushes on a Budget

I needed to stock up on a few more brushes this week but my budget was pretty non existent. I usually think that one area you shoudn't skimp on is your brushes but I actually found a few decent budget brushes at PAM in Shepherds Bush.

I managed to bag myself 9 new brushes for just over £50 and was pleased with the quality. In particular I am in love with the blush brush which was a snip at £9.40 and was definitely my star buy.

The one thing I did splurge on was another MAC 187 brush from the Pro Store in Soho because I just cant live without my duo fibre brushes for buffing that foundation!

My Brush Haul...
  • B002/C104 Angle Blush £8.30 Nice full but firm angled brush for contouring and blush.
  • B005/C141 Blush £9.40 I love this brush as its slightly tapered so great for placing colour where you need it and soft for blending.
  • B016/C213 Smudge £3.10 x2 This tiny brush is supposed to be for smudging liner I think but its far too scratchy for the delicate eye area however I got these for doing lips as a like small but wide brushes for lip work.
  • B019/C222 Small Contour £4.10 x2 Perfect size for blending in the crease, dense but quite soft.
  • B023/C203 Wide Eyeshadow £9.40 x2 The sable hair on these is super soft. Good size for colour washes.
  • Brow Grooming Tool £2.00 Comb, brush and wand in one.
When selecting my brushes I made sure the handles felt secure and well glued in as some that i picked up felt loose so I would recommend buying in person to make sure you don't get one that will fall apart even if they are cheap.

I have a sneaky suspicion that PAM's brush supplier for these particular brushes is ( for those in the USA) as the codes on the PAM brushes match those of the Crown Studio Line so I will have to place a crown order soon to confirm that!

What bargains have you got for kit lately? Leave a comment and let us know!
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