Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My Kit: Lips

As you have heard me mention several times here on the blog I am a big fan of condensing my makeup kit. This means I am very selective about the products I add to my kit, and am also very ruthless at getting rid of clutter.

My lip kit may look very small but it works well for me and I get everything I need from it as I can mix the right colour if its not in my makeup bag.

Lip Sticks
Yaby Lip Colours from nude to dark cherry
- The Yaby lip colours are really pigmented and apply really smoothly and silky. A little goes along away and lasts really well. I love that the Yaby colours come in small pans so I can carry colours that I rarely need without taking up space but I'm prepared if I do need them. The colours I use most are LC013 No colour lip LC237 natural pink tone which is great for bridal and LC020 which is a really versatile vibrant red with a slight sheen.
MAC Lustre - Hug Me. Perfect shade for a natural look that works on a wide range of people.
MAC Matt - Glam. Matt colour for a classic red lip.
MAC Amplified - Girl About Town. Really pigmented hot pink.
MAC Satin - Cyber. Strong purple for high fashion looks.

Lip Gloss
Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss - Crystal. Clear gloss with thick glassy consistency and long lasting shine.
Benefit Her Glossiness - Didn't hear it from me. Nude gloss.
Benefit Her Glossiness - My people, your people. Frosted gloss for adding shimmer to lip colour.
MAC Lip Glass - Russian Red and Pink Poodle - Opaque glosses, high shine and colour intensity. Great for glamour shoots.

Lip Pencils
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil - Ozone. Clear waxy pencil to stop feathering and lock colour in. Great product as you don't need to carry lots of lip pencils!
MAC - Cherry(red) and Currant(purple)
Ben Nye - I did have, until a few weeks ago, the perfect natural/nude pencil from Ben Nye which was a real staple in my kit but it went missing on a shoot so I am not certain of the colour. (I will let you know when I replace it!)

Vaseline - for prepping lips before adding colour or for menswear shoots.
Kryolan Invisible Matt - when I need a really matt lip colour I can mix in some of this.

Although it isn't in the pic I also use my Kryolan Supracolour palette to mix custom colours or adjust the lip colours in my palette although I hope to add some MUFE Flash colours to my kit soon which I think will replace these.

Let me know what your lip essentials are. Id love to hear what you couldn't live without in your kit, leave a comment.

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  1. i'm very slowly trying to whittle down my kit.... but finding it very hard cause i have anxiety about not having something when i go to a shoot. but you seem to have everything that you need there.

  2. I recently started swapping on makeupalley cause I have too much makeup I don't use... But, it's hard to get rid of it regardless. Were you always ruthless about getting rid of it???

  3. Amy, I dont worry about not having something as I feel confident that I can mix any lip colour I need from these although I want to add another 20 Yaby colours to complete my set. The easiest thing to get rid of is glosses as you just need to add a clear or frosted gloss to your lip colours :)

    Maddy, I must confess that when something gets the boot from my kit I still keep it at home so I could swap it back in if i needed to.

    I dont buy stuff on a whim which helps to keep my kit streamlined. If I want to add something I do my homework to make sure its going to be a useful addition to my kit. I am a really big fan of Yaby so you can carry lots of options without the weight and space.