Friday, 9 January 2009

10 Things Every Makeup Artist Should...Have in their handbag!

Being a good makeup artist isn't all about what you can do with a brush and the products you carry in your kit. If people find it hard to get in touch with you, you turn up late (whatever the reason), or you are unorganised and unprepared you probably wont get that call back next time they need an artist.

Here are the essentials I don't leave the house without...
  1. Business Cards - You never know who you will meet so be prepared and have your business cards on had. I carry both my bridal and makeup cards in a small business card holder to keep them looking like new. Remember first impressions count.

  2. Blackberry or iPhone - I'm a Blackberry girl but both these multi functional phones have push-email services which alert you every time your inbox gets a new email. With one of these you will never miss out on a job because you replied too late. Always remember to back up regularly so you don't loose your contacts or appointments if something happens to your phone.

  3. Satalite Navigation - Never miss another turning again! Ever struggled to read directions on the way to a location at the crack of dawn in the dark? I can plan the best route and get from A to B with the assistance of my TomTom.

  4. Directions - Technology can fail so always have a back up. I use

  5. Travel Card - Just about every city in the world is a nightmare to get around in by car so if you have good transport links use them and get a travel card. If you are traveling in London you can use the TFL Journey Planner which will give you a choice of routes and even tell you how long the walk from the station to your destination.

  6. Diary - Okay so the Blackberry has an excellent organiser but I'm old school and a stationary geek so I cant give up my Filofax. It also helps me for some reason to see the week right there in front of me when I'm planning. Whether you prefer a paper diary or electronic make sure you have it with you so you can answer people on the spot if you get asked about availability

  7. Note Book - Having a note bookis great for emptying all your thoughts so you can come back to them later. You never know when inspiration is going to hit so have somewhere to write it down whether its ideas for a shoot, a list of to do's, a new website you want to visit...well you get the picture.

  8. Snacks - I always have a bottle of water and a banana because you don't always know when or if you will get a break for lunch.

  9. Lip Gloss/Eight Hour Cream/Vaseline - I keep makeup natural when I'm working so I find a quick slick of gloss or lip balm makes me look pulled together when I walk into a shoot. I also like to keep my lips in tip top condition so my Eight Hour cream doesn't leave my side in the winter months.

  10. Cash - Always have a little cash on you in case you have to pay for parking or if someone is doing a coffee run.

What are the essentials you need on a job that aren't found in your makeup kit?


  1. Love this list! I have most of those and more in my bag! Always have a pen / paper to write down important info, super great advise!

  2. Thanks for the feedback its always great to know which post my readers enjoy :)

    A pen is definitely a must!

  3. i am in love with this blog, always so full of usful advice.

  4. Awww thanks Amy Im soooo happy to hear that :D
    Ive been following your blog too!

  5. Great list! Also, along with business cards, maybe stick a couple of comp cards in your notebook (so they dont get bent).

  6. Yep good one Peekabag! I actually dont have any comp cards right now but thats a post for another day ;)

  7. Hi just found your blog and am really enjoying it x

  8. These are great tips for anyone who wants to be professional in any profession. Be on time and be ready for anything! thanks

  9. Hi, I just found your blog and am really enjoying it! It's especially nice because I've been looking for a new read. :)

    I would add breath mints or one of those Listerine breath strip packs to that list...they can be a life saver!

  10. Snap! I have the exact same handbag contents!

  11. awesome pointers! very useful indeed.. thanks^^