Friday, 23 January 2009

Dressing for the studio: Get the Off Duty Model Look

I have become secretly obsessed by the off duty model look. I don't know how they manage to look so effortlessly cool when they turn up casually dressed for shoots but then again I guess that's why they're models!

Here are some of my favourite Off Duty model pics...

I have tried to incorporate some of their aesthetics into my wardrobe as I like to wear neutral coloured layers on set so I am never too hot or too cold as well a feeling comfortable and stylish. As I don't have legs up to my arm pits it unfortunately just doesn’t always have quite the same effect but I have found some key pieces have become staples in my day wear closet.

Here are some ideas for building your off duty model look.
Model Off Duty Look
Think simplicity, draping, layering, muted colours, strong accessories, vintage, and comfort.

What are the key pieces in your wardrobe and what do you think of the models that sit in your chair? Leave a comment below.

Another important aspect of the Off Duty Model look is beautiful skin. Turning up to shoots with no makeup you want to still look glowing and fabulous so a good skin care regime is essential. Take a look at the skin care I carry in my kit here.

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  1. It's not just the off duty model look I wish I could pull's the stylist look too. No matter if they are bringing in 20 dresses on hangers and 3 bags full of clothes they always looks so stylish on set...not me I can tell you that lol!

  2. I know! I can never understand how they manage to wear heels to a shoot either and drag 3 suitcases behind them without breaking a sweat...

  3. They also look so stylish in converse sneakers and loose tshirts. If I wore that, I'd look like a bum. Oh yeah, I'd also like legs up to my armpits too. That would help a lot.

  4. I find that when you weigh 100 pounds pretty much anything looks chic.

  5. Heels. I know the whole converse and loose clothes looks super chic on the fashion girls, but those of us who aren't super tall and super thin live (or ought to live) in the highest of heels. Coupled with the long line loose fitting tops and cardis, and minis or skinnies, super high heels look smart and subtle.

  6. Thanks for all the comments! I love hearing what you all have to say :)