Saturday, 3 January 2009

Hairstyling for Makeup Artists

Like Amy Allen many makeup artists would like to become more proficient with hair so as to increase their job opportunities. In many markets makeup artists are often expected to wear both hats so hairstyling is a really desirable string to add to your bow.

This time last year I had a little basic hair training under my belt but it was more geared towards achieving period styles and I had no confidence when it came to styling. I hated doing hair and found it really hard and quite daunting to tell you the truth.

I decided to take an evening class at the London College of Fashion which was specifically tailored to makeup artists. I wont lie, hair takes a lot of work and practise but I left the course confident in my abilities and able to take part in tests or accept work that required some light hairstyling. With practice my skills have been going from strength to strength ever since.

The tutor was a pro stylist currently working in the industry with her finger on the pulse, which is important if you are doing any kind of fashion training as the industry is constantly changing. The classes were really fast paced so I learned a lot in a short space of time and focused on techniques that you could build on to achieve different styles. Click here to see a break down of what this short course covers.

I really cant recommend this course more highly for an mua looking to learn the basics and how to build on them to achieve on-trend styles. I now actually enjoy doing hair and like to challenge myself to recreate more adventurous styles!

Picture Source:, Picture Credit: Maria Valentino


  1. Man I am glad to hear you enjoyed this course! It always makes me happy to see MUA's getting comfy with their hair skills :) Anything else you'd like to know or need a hand with my inbox is always open ;)

  2. Thanks Angel I will hold you to that!

    I always prefer to work with a hairstylist but I love that I can pull off some really cool looks on my own now.

    They have a more advance class too which I hope to take at some point so i can do something abit more avant garde!

  3. That course looks perfect for me! All the ones around here are either ridiculously overpriced for what they are, or just don't seem right for me.
    I'd love to do a few of their courses though.

    Amy x

  4. I think what sets this course apart from others Amy, is that it is tailored to makeup artists.

    I have done a few of their courses in the past so if you have any questions drop me an email and I will see if I can help.

  5. lol well you two could always figure out how to afford me to come over and teach you stuff :P But I promise if you ever want some help or some advice on how to make those more avant garde things work I really am happy to help :) is my work email so it sees the most frequent login's :P
    That or convince me why I should move to London instead of Vegas and you can have me at your disposal :)

  6. Thanks Angel I will drop you an email anytime I have a hair emergency! If only I could pay you to move to london and do hair on all my shoots then I wouldnt even have to learn :P

  7. lol <3 nope that's a falsehood! I worked with Tabitha for a year on set and she accidentally learned to replace me :P I'm a good teacher you won't even know you're learning :)
    As I'm trying to sort out my next move, I have been looking at obtaining a visa for the UK so if I can sort it I plan t do it some day.