Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Karl Lagerfeld Interview: "if its not the way I see it, I prefer not to see it"

Radio 4 is probably not the station of choice for the young fashionista however my Mum bought to my attention an interesting and slightly unusual interview with Karl Lagerfeld which is definitely worth a listen on the BBC iPlayer.

The Creative Director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld talks architecture, handbags, cosmetic surgury, size 0, the economy, fur and much more....

Taken from the interview, Lagerfeld's thoughts on....
4x4's... "I Love them"
Man bags... "Horrible!"
The Economy... "Horrible but healthy..."
Size 0 ... "...lets take care of the zillion too fat before we take care of the percentage that's left."
The badly dressed... " I don't judge people. I think they were in 7th heaven when they bought that shit, its not up to me to judge...I am blind to that."
Blackberry or iPhone... "iPhone"

Evan Davis's interview with Karl Lagerfeld is only available on BBC iPlayer until the 9th January 2009 and starts at 2hr20mins in so you will need to skip forward!


Picture Source: Greg Kessler/Style.com

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