Tuesday, 20 January 2009

When Inspiration Strikes: Lady Gaga

Inspiration is everywhere. That’s a fact. But who or what caught my eye this week….

I am in love with the Lady Gaga video for 'Lets Dance' and feel inspired to do a 'too cool for school' club kids shoot every time I catch this on 4Music!

The video also leads my thoughts to the Boombox clubbers that took dressing up to another level and pushed the boundaries with their makeup skills. I am always inspired by these outlandish party goers to think outside the box and have fun with my makeup brushes. Check out Dirty Dirty Dancing to see more from Boombox.

London is such a melting pot for fashion and creativity...I really should get out more often, haha!

Let me know what you think of Lady Gaga and the Boombox ravers, leave a comment.

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Picture Source: youtube.com, dirtydirtydancing.com

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