Monday, 19 January 2009

My 5 Minute Face Makeup Routine

5 Minute Face

I think sometimes people are surprised to hear I am a makeup artist when I meet them as I like to keep my makeup look natural, that is unless I'm out on the town! I do however get lots of comments on how great my skin is which I take as a compliment on my makeup skills as any artist will know that a no-makeup look still takes work.

I like to be comfortable when I'm working and don't want to be thinking about my own makeup so I like to keep things simple. I want to look professional and pulled together whilst still being able to get from the shower to the car in record time when I have an early start.

So as inspired by Maddy at Spunky Product Junkie, here is my 5 Minute Face...

  1. Simple Regeneration Day Cream with SPF15 to moisturise, protect and prep my skin.

  2. Make Up For Ever Face and Body Base buffed into the skin with a Duo Fibre brush and followed by MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer where needed.

  3. Yaby ES231 matt brown eye shadow in the crease and ES192 in the inner-corner of the eyes to open them followed by eye lash curlers, Maybelline Colossal on the lashes and a brow gel to tidy.

  4. MAC Studio Fix powder over the T-Zone and Yaby Blush in BL002

  5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant or Benefit Gloss in 'who are you wearing' to finish (usually applied in the car!).

Why don't you share your 5 minute makeup routine and post a comment below...

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  1. I'm just like you when it comes to my day look or work look...clean and simple. Although I think ppl would be shocked to find out how many steps I have in my 5-10 min makeup true that no makeup makeup still requires a lot of makeup lol!

  2. Yep once you get into a regular routine you sure can pack alot into that 5mins!

    I have also learnt which steps I can skip and still look human for when Im in a serious rush to get out the door :)

  3. Whenever I meet non-industry ppl and I tell them I'm a makeup artist, they always have a searching look in their eyes, like they're evaluating my makeup. LOL. And it's always when I don't have much on, which is most of the time.

  4. i just started a new 5 minute face. and i'm stoked about it!
    i finally got my hands on a stila convertable colour in 'gladiola' (discontinued at sephora) so after a quick bit o' cetaphil moisturiser i dab face atelier foundation on my nose and cheeks because i'm super red there. Then with my wonderful convertable colour i put a bit of colour (it's an orange!) on the apple of my cheeks, a little on my lid and some on my lips. Throw on some mascara and gloss and that's it.

    i think the orange looks better in the summer but i can't help it. i love it sooo much! i should really be using the fushia in the winter but gladiola is my fav!!!!!

  5. Ashley I love your 5 min face! Top marks for making such good use of the Gladiola, lol :)

    Peekabag I know the look well, i can see the confussion in their eyes too. I think some people expect me to go around done up like im on the way down the catwalk myself!

  6. I think the natural, flawless, no make-up look is one of the hardest to achieve, which is why a good bridal make-up artist is worth her weight in gold xo

  7. Oh man, I LOVE that Benefit Her Glossiness... It's part of my routine too!

  8. I actually got hooked on the gloss when I got it as a freebie with Glamour magazine! It was such a good buy getting a £13 gloss for £2 I had to trawl every single store selling magazines in my area to collect all 3 colours :D

  9. I love a 5 min face!
    And you said you get compliments on your great is most important! everything else is bonus :)

  10. Nice selection of beauty products... Those are really good for daily makeup!!