Thursday, 29 January 2009

S/09 Paris Couture Shows Roundup

The Paris Couture shows are always a hub of creativity where the most talented designers are invited to send their most outlandish fashion fantasies down the catwalk.

The makeup and hair designed for these theatrical extravaganzas are some of the most creative and experimental looks you will see grace the runways so here is a round up of the Spring 2009 shows.

Armani Prive


Christian Dior

Christian Lacroix

Elie Saab

Jean Paul Gaultier


The makeup looks were a little more somber than we have come to expect which is no doubt yet another nod to the recession however the couture shows are always such an inspiration to me and hopefully for you too.

What do you think of the Spring 2009 Paris shows? Leave a comment and tell me what your favourite look is.

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Picture credits: Alessandro Lucion, Antonello Trio, Greg Kessler, Marcio Madeira, Mateo Volta, Olivier Claisse, Imax Tree, Picture source:


  1. I love the Chanel and Gaultier looks. Dior was pretty subdued for Dior.

  2. i wanted to see more over the top makeup, was kinda a let down.

  3. Everything has definitely been reigned in and toned down this year hasnt it Amy!

    I really like the Armani look :)

  4. You know I also really liked the Valentino look for real life and thought about doing a segment on my blog about it. The smokey eyes in other colors bit.

    Would you guest star on it?
    Not compulsory just!

  5. Hey Ope mail me at sounds like a great idea ;)

  6. More like the Jean Paul Gaultier. She looks very beautiful.

    image retouching