Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

Yesterday Sian posted about the new Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual so I thought I would check it out and ended up spending nearly 2 hours sneakily reading it cover to cover in the Starbucks at Borders!

I am not usually one for buying makeup books that show you how to create looks as I think they date quite quickly. I would rather spend my money on fashion magazines and learn by trying to work out how they do the looks myself. That said I loved this new book from Bobbi Brown and would definitely recommend it.

The book starts by going through the basics and shows you how to create looks, talking you through the tools, techniques and products an artist uses and why which is great for newbies or those who are interested in learning to do their own makeup better.

The second part focuses on makeup as a career and I found it to be a really insightful and interesting read. I would go as far as saying its a must read for anyone thing about or starting out in the industry as it gives such great advice on everything from what to expect when working on a fashion show to self promotion and building a kit.

Here are 7 quotes taken from the Makeup Manual that I think are key points to remember if you are pursuing a career as a makeup artist.

"While makeup artists are first and foremost artists, they also need to be business people."

- You can have the skills and talent but I have learnt that you need to be business smart when it comes areas such as negotiating and marketing if you are to get ahead.

"They must be open to learning and growing in their craft."

- I am still pretty new to the industry so I am learning something new every day but I cant ever see a day when I will not continue to learn and grow in an industry that is ever changing.

"A strong knowledge base allows artists to make great choices, see when an application doesn't work and know when to stop."

- I definitely think the sign of a pro is the ability to take anything in their stride no matter what is thrown at them.

"Its not about you. Great makeup artists focus on the client and never let their own egos get in the way."

- If your not happy being behind the scenes makeup probably isn't for you.

"Be nice to everyone."

- This should apply to life in general but as they say its not always what you know but who you know so being friendly could help secure your next booking.

"Once your promotional tools are completed and your portfolio looks great, you need a plan."

- In the book Bobbi Brown says that you need to be focused so you can concentrate on building either your book or your reel.

"No one wants to work with a makeup artist who's kit is dirty and disorganised."

- I think this is pretty self explanatory ;)

Let me know what you think and what points you would add to the list.

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  1. I am so glad you liked it - it really is a great read for anyone interested in makeup, ut expecially those new to the professional makeup industry.

    I am soooo happy - I had my seasonal training for Bobbi today - and this was our gift!! :) Will be writing about the other btis I got on my blog tonight too.

  2. Thats great, il check the blog later tonight!
    Im gonna pick up my sample of the foundation at the weekend too so il let you know what I think :)

  3. thank you for sharing... i'll be checking it out over the weekend.

  4. Great resource thanks! I'll be reading up on this for sure.

  5. Hey Alex, I saw this book at Borders this weekend. I went there to purchase Robert Jones' Makeup Makeovers and couldn't find it, but then saw this book and remembered your review :). I decided to buy it b/c 1)I had a 40% off coupon and 2)I love the way the pictures and text are laid out (I'm a design junkie) and 3)I agree, she had great tips/info in there and I liked that the tutorials included real step-by-step pictures...sometimes diagrams aren't enough for me.

    So, thanks for the blog review! And I guess thanks to Sian for mentioning it first lol.

  6. I love that book, I remember when I first got it, I just stared wide eyed at the pages hehe.