Monday, 12 January 2009

Kate Winslet Thanks Hair and Makeup at The Golden Globes

Kate Winslet stole the show at The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards last night as she scooped two gongs for her performance in Revolutionary Road and as supporting actress in The Reader.

She will receive great kudos amongst those in the industry for taking time out in her gracious acceptance speech, to not only acknowledge her fellow nominees but to thank the Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe team that worked with her on the film, The Reader.

Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama

Here are those that she gave a special nod to in her acceptance speech at The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
Ivana Primorac - Hair/Makeup
Linda Melazzo - Hair/Makeup
Alan Dangerio - Hair/Makeup
Pauline Fowler - Prosthetics
Matt Weston Smith - Prosthetics
Ann Roth - Wardrobe

I am such a sap, both her acceptance speeches gave me a lump in the throat! How about you?

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  1. I did think it was great that she thanked hair & makeup...people often forgotten, but SO important! YAY

  2. I know, I think she always seems like such a nice person and very genuine :)

  3. ok. i'm crying. i'm a wussy.

  4. And I thought I was the only sap!
    Now I dont feel so silly knowing im not the only one to feel a little teary eyed.

  5. I thought that was progress.... now we just have to get someone to mention the stylist!

  6. At least Ann Roth got a shout out for costume design, definitely a step in the right direction! :)